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To add MIME types

What file is it is set by MIME types or rather we can say it defines what file types are referred by what file extensions. For example, the file extension ‘.zip’ refers to ZIP extension file and a file extension ‘.html’ refers to an HTML document.

To deal with the file correctly, the server generally needs this info. MIME types are named so due to their connection with email (Full form of MIME is “Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions”). MIME means a specific format to specify the file type so they are not just called ‘file types’.

Make a .htaccess file by abiding the guidance that includes the below text and main instruction to set up a MIME type.

AddType text/html htm0

The added MIME type is specified by ‘AddType’. MIME type is specified by the second part, in the above case, its HTML or text, and the file extension is the last part which is ‘htm0’ in the example above.

With the below text code, you can resolve the commonly faced issue of SWF or MP3 files not getting played.

AddType application/x-shockwave-flash swf

There is a trick for forcing the download of a file through the ‘Save As’ feature there in web browser, just set type of MIME to octet-stream/application and there will be an immediate download prompt by the browser. Note here, this doesn’t work in some Internet Explorer versions.

The list of different types of MIME and the associations are given below. If your website is managed by you, and you know the file types you publish the resources in, then you don’t need to paste this full list of codes in your .htaccess file. But if your website has many other people who publish and contribute content to, then you may want to allow many different types of files to prevent any type of bad experience to any user. It is especially if your website has people with a lot of file-sharing activity, for example, a web app (where email handling is there) or a project management application (where many files are attached to a single project).

AddType text/html .html .htm
AddType text/plain .txt
AddType text/richtext .rtx
AddType text/tab-separated-values .tsv
AddType text/x-setext .etx
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .shtml .sht
AddType application/macbinhex-40 .hqx
AddType application/netalivelink .nel
AddType application/netalive .net
AddType application/news-message-id
AddType application/news-transmission
AddType application/octet-stream .bin .exe
AddType application/oda .oda
AddType application/pdf .pdf
AddType application/postscript .ai .eps .ps
AddType application/remote-printing
AddType application/rtf .rtf
AddType application/slate
AddType application/zip .zip
AddType application/x-mif .mif
AddType application/wita
AddType application/wordperfect5.1
AddType application/x-csh .csh
AddType application/x-dvi .dvi
AddType application/x-hdf .hdf
AddType application/x-latex .latex
AddType application/x-netcdf .nc .cdf
AddType application/x-sh .sh
AddType application/x-tcl .tcl
AddType application/x-tex .tex
AddType application/x-texinfo .texinfo .texi
AddType application/x-troff .t .tr .roff
AddType application/x-troff-man .man
AddType application/x-troff-me .me
AddType application/x-troff-ms .ms
AddType application/x-wais-source .src
AddType application/x-bcpio .bcpio
AddType application/x-cpio .cpio
AddType application/x-gtar .gtar
AddType application/x-shar .shar
AddType application/x-sv4cpio .sv4cpio
AddType application/x-sv4crc .sv4crc
AddType application/x-tar .tar
AddType application/x-ustar .ustar
AddType application/x-director .dcr
AddType application/x-director .dir
AddType application/x-director .dxr
AddType application/x-onlive .sds
AddType application/x-httpd-cgi .cgi
AddType image/gif .gif .GIF
AddType image/ief .ief
AddType image/jpeg .jpeg .jpg .jpe .JPG
AddType image/tiff .tiff .tif
AddType image/x-cmu-raster .ras
AddType image/x-portable-anymap .pnm
AddType image/x-portable-bitmap .pbm
AddType image/x-portable-graymap .pgm
AddType image/x-portable-pixmap .ppm
AddType image/x-rgb .rgb
AddType image/x-xbitmap .xbm
AddType image/x-xpixmap .xpm
AddType image/x-xwindowdump .xwd
AddType audio/basic .au .snd
AddType audio/x-aiff .aif .aiff .aifc
AddType audio/x-wav .wav
AddType audio/x-pn-realaudio .ram
AddType audio/x-midi .mid
AddType video/mpeg .mpeg .mpg .mpe
AddType video/quicktime .qt .mov
AddType video/x-msvideo .avi
AddType video/x-sgi-movie .movie
AddType message/external-body
AddType message/news
AddType message/partial
AddType message/rfc822
AddType multipart/alternative
AddType multipart/appledouble
AddType multipart/digest
AddType multipart/mixed
AddType multipart/parallel
AddType x-world/x-vrml .wrl