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Useful Resources

We have compiled below a list of websites and associated resources.

Apache Resources

  • Apache Documentation – The documentation of the main Apache Web Server.
  • Apache Directives – The directives list that is in standard Apache distribution.
  • Apache Tutorial: .htaccess file – The documentation and guidelines of official Apache.

Password Protection Resources

  • CGI-Index.com – Security resources.
  • CGI Resource Index – Resourced for password protection.
  • HotScripts.com – User management resources.

Also, you may be interested in the products below which use .htaccess:

Locked Area – It is a highly sophisticated membership management and password protection system written in Perl.

DirectoryPass – It is a simple yet powerful .htaccess management system.

OpenCrypt – It is a fully automated user/membership management system that’s self-managing and is capable of the multi-domain installations.