About Us

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for dropping by to learn more about the team behind Hosting Canada. We’re proud of our website as a trusted resource for those venturing into the sometimes murky waters of choosing a web host.

Make no mistake, this is a competitive industry that has taken a simple technical concept and turned it into something akin to eating eating scalding hot soup while skydiving naked with a starving honey badger clinging to your back.

Just kidding – a little. It’s not really THAT bad, but you get the idea.

Our team (who we’ll introduce properly later) is here to hold your hand through the web host selection process. We’re pleased to meet you!

Why This Website?

It’s rough out there as a newbie blogger or small business owner who decides they need a website, then realizes the first task is to wade through the ocean of hosting companies and hope you pick a decent one. Without guidance, you could end up spending more money than you have to and be locked into a crappy service for years.

We’ve seen too many people make that exact mistake and suffer a bad taste in their mouth about entire web hosting industry. Take heart! There are good ones out there and we’ll help you find them.

The History of Web Hosting (the short version)

Gary here. I’m the owner of this outfit.

Most of the Big Name web hosts you see in advertisements today got their start registering domains in the early 1990s at thirty bucks a pop, just as the internet was becoming known to the masses. The smart ones soon realized that people rarely change their registrar and present customers were ripe to upsell into a long-term web hosting package.

Nothing evil about that. It’s the way the world works.

The problem was – and still is in large part – that too many of them decided to save money by using outdated software and hardware, offering truly awful customer support, and generally participating in a race to the bottom.

After years of dealing with far too many of these jokers in my web design company, I decided to only accept new clients who agreed to go with one of the handful of host companies I personally recommended and knew to be legitimate.

Eventually, I decided to expand my recommendations from personal discussions with potential clients and put them on this website for anyone to read and hopefully benefit from.

Here’s the Hosting Canada Team

GARY STEVENS is the new boss of Hosting Canada (having taken the thrown from his friend and colleague Elliott) and a website design and development expert with more years of experience than he would like to admit. He resides in Ottawa most of the year (the sunny, warm parts) and spends much of the Canadian winter in a small, undisclosed mountainous region near the Equator. Gary has often been told by friends that he has a “moderate zest for life” and, despite his nomadic disposition, spends “far too much time talking about code.”

NAOKO RINA developed a love for numbers and surfing about the same time, when she was ten years old. She eventually graduated from UCLA with a degree in Statistics, squeezing in classes between sessions hanging ten at Huntington Beach. Naoko heads up all the Hosting Canada data collection and analysis that forms the basis of the web host recommendations.

The newest team member, FABIO CRUZ (yep, that’s his real name) met Elliot thanks to a mutual interest in pickup basketball. They become buddies and decided to work in a business together. Before joining Hosting Canada, Fabio worked as a backend developer and consultant and is able to offer an informed perspective on the server side features of web hosts, which is a pretty big deal.

That’s us in a slightly longer version than intended. The bottom line is we’re passionate about web hosting. If you have any questions on the topic, please let us know via the contact form. Thanks!