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Hostinger Review (2021)

Gary Stevens — Last Updated on June 3, 2021

If you’ve read our reviews about cheap web hosting you’ll know that we aren’t incredibly enthused about how the discount hosting world works.

It generally goes like this.

They lure you in with a cheap offer and then you get terrible service. We’re talking excessively long downtime, bad uptime and the worst support for that Rogers Cable. 🤷

We generally don’t recommend ultra cheap hosts, but with Hostinger — we’re going to make an exception.

Since 2004, Hostinger has consistently provided the most cost-effective, yet high quality hosting out there for over 29 million customers.

We were slightly skeptical of some of the other information available online about Hostinger. So for the last 18 months we’ve been tracking them. You can see our live tracking here.

In this Hostinger review, we’ll look at their service and support from top to bottom – the good, the bad, and the great – to see how they stack up amongst other popular web hosts.

Pros – What We Like About Hostinger

Uptime – 99.91%

Through 2018 Hostinger averaged an uptime of 99.91% – which is good, very good.

What does uptime mean?

  • Uptime – A percentage to indicate the overall time that the hosting provider is online and functioning normally.
  • Hostinger’s average uptime was 99.91% in 2018. That means that services were only unavailable 0.09% percent of the time for users.
  • Other hosts with low prices have an average uptime right around 94% which is about 525 hours of downtime over a year. That difference is massive.
  • Good uptimes – Uptimes higher than 98% are more than desirable. An average this close to 100% is hands-down amazing.

Load time – 389 ms

What does load time mean?

In 2018, the average load time for Hostinger was 389 ms. This blows the industry average out of the water.

With these stats, Hostinger boasts an amazing performance across the board—even compared to our curated list of best hosting providers.

Hosting Pricing Explained

This is what grabs your attention with Hostinger. They have an $0.99 per month introductory pricing rate. It’s as if they looked at the rest of the industry and said, “We can do better.”

We will get more into the specifics of what you get at this price farther down but the main thing to keep in mind is that you get competitive uptimes and load speeds at this price point.

Basically, you’re getting actual good hosting and saving money. Yes – it is possible to have good hosting at great prices. What a concept!

It truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to performance and pricing. Cent for cent Hostinger is probably the best value for money on the market today as a hosting service. Did we mention that you’re getting a free domain with ANY hosting package?

Hostinger Free Website Builder

Zyro – The free website builder from Hostinger is surprisingly impressive.

Most website builders included with a hosting service are an afterthought, but Hostinger actually brought in templates and building functionality that can create solid landing pages for a website.

female model on the laptop screen zyro website builder

You’re not going to blow anyone away with these designs, but the functionality feels a lot like what you would get from a leading landing page creator without having to use a separate service.

It comes with a lot of useful features – both completely new and ones that we have already heard of – Free SSL Certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

The most innovative new features have to be Zyro AI Content Generator and Logo Maker.

Put your creativity to good use with Hostinger’s new feature which allows you to create logos for your brand in no time. Reinvent your company’s logo with Zyro’s Logo Maker.

Obviously, landing page softwares are built for that so they are optimized for funnels and all of that fun stuff but this is a simple replacement if you’re just looking for one page to throw up on the internet.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for affordable hosting ($0.99 per month) and looking to throw a web page up as soon as possible, Hostinger is a fantastic option.

You want a domain, you want somewhere to send people, you’re not sure what else you need right now. All you would have to do is sign up and set up a quick page with Hostinger’s website builder.

If you’re looking for more builders check out our guide to the best website builders in Canada.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

hostinger live chatMoney back guarantees are relatively run of the mill in the hosting industry now but they’re always worth talking about.

Some hosting sites still don’t offer a money back guarantee and those hosting sites should either get with the times or go away.

I’m harsh – I know.

If a hosting service does offer a money back guarantee, then we could infer two things:

  1. The company wants to treat you right
  2. They are confident in their offerings

On some parts of their website Hostinger actually refers to their money-back guarantee as a free trial. This is a great way to look at these guarantees so you can have the ability to stop using the service if you find it isn’t working well.

There are a lot of things in this world that don’t come with a money back guarantee. If there is one offered on a product you are after you’d be silly not to keep that in mind when making a decision.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Hostinger guarantees that their servers will be working 99.9% of the time. Like I said a few sentences ago – guarantees mean a lot.

If this guarantee fails you can get some money back. In the legal signup agreement with Hostinger they say that if the uptime guarantee fails you can get a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting fee for that month. It isn’t much but it is something.

Companies put a lot on the line when they offer up a guarantee like this and again, it shows a lot of confidence in their service.

Easy to Use

I’m going to talk about the control panel in the Pros section and the Cons section.

Here is why it is a Pro: The control panel used by Hostinger is not a traditional cPanel. They created their own.

hostinger control panel

This new control panel is way easier to use than cPanel. What that means is if you are a beginner you will like it way more.

It is obvious that the goal for this control panel was to make it as easy to use as possible to manage everything on the backend of your website.

Free SSL Across All Tiers

A free SSL should be standard in hosting today. Of course, with Hostinger, receiving a free SSL comes with any plan you decide to purchase.

What exactly is SSL? It stands for Secure Sockets Layer protection. Basically, what it does is secure data transmissions between web browsers and web servers. You definitely want it if you’re trying to build a successful business.

How SSL Works

Not having an SSL certificate can ding your SEO rankings and make people leave your website when they realize you don’t have one.

Unlimited Features if you Upgrade

All of the standard aspects you get with the first-tiered plan are unlocked further for a few bucks.

With the initial plan, you only can have one website, one email account, one database, and a limited amount of disk space and bandwidth.

If you decide to go with a higher tiered plan you can have unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. Talk about maximum effective performance, that’s it right there.

Pay With Crypto

You’re smart, right? You got into Bitcoin waaaaaay before December of 2017. You were buying Bitcoins for fractions of a penny back in 2010. I just know it.

Well, since you’re super rich in virtual currency you might as well pay with it. 🤑🤑

Cons – What We Don’t Like About Hostinger

No Phone Support

no phone supportWhile the customer support is top notch at Hostinger – they don’t offer phone support.

A lot of people don’t like talking on the phone when they’re dealing with customer support at companies.

Sometimes – yes, sometimes – it’s nice to solve an issue quickly over the phone. There are certain situations where going back and forth over email or chat doesn’t cut it.

Any service that doesn’t offer phone support has to take a hit. What if you need to talk to someone as soon as yesterday? Chat is going to piss you off in that scenario.

One other weird thing is that you have to sign in to actually chat with the customer support team. Obviously, this isn’t an issue if you’ve already signed up.

If you’re looking for information about the service before signing up you definitely won’t be helped via chat.

Different Control Panel

The control panel was also in the Pros section of this review. The positives are out there – it’s easy to use, user-friendly, and makes more sense than traditional cPanel.

Now, imagine being a veteran in the world of web hosting – which some people reading this will be. They’re going to be annoyed that they have to use a different control panel.

The learning curve on the new control panel isn’t exactly hard to learn but why fix something that isn’t broken? A lot of people have learned how to control their hosted website through a traditional cPanel.

Customer Support and Knowledge Base

We have touched on the negative aspects of the Hostinger customer support experience above. Now let’s talk about it as a whole.

I like to think of customer support as a multi-functional machine. If you’re missing one part of the machine it doesn’t mean the machine isn’t any good or incomplete – it just doesn’t have specific functions you might get on other machines.

This isn’t good or bad in most cases.

Hostinger is missing the phone function of the customer support machine and has a weird little quirk where you have to sign in before you’re able to talk to a person via chat.

However, once you start using that customer support machine it really is reliable.

Any chat question we have asked of Hostinger’s support team has been answered in under five minutes which compares favorably to the rest of the industry.

The other function on this machine that is often overlooked but vitally important is the knowledge base. Hostinger’s knowledge base can pretty much answer any question you throw at it.

The negative here is that it is organized poorly and you have to rely on the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

hostinger knowledge base

Last but not least the company also provides tutorials for all sorts of different subjects that anyone might find helpful. They all have to do with building a website and has a lot of added value for someone just starting out.


The pricing is what really draws you in to use Hostinger so let’s go into what is actually provided at that $0.99 price point as well as the higher tiers.

All of these plans are priced for locking in a subscription for 48 months. Four years – who the heck knows what will be happening in four years? That is a long time and paying for that amount of time up front is sometimes tough to swallow.

SSD Space10GB20GB100GB
MySQL Databases1UnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domain Registration
Free SSL
Daily Backups
Email Accounts1UnlimitedUnlimited
24/7/365 Customer Support

Drawing a customer in with a low rate is nothing new in business and definitely nothing new in web hosting. Hostinger did go about this a little differently as their lowest tier is extremely low priced and serviceable.

However, if you want worry free web hosting as you grow – the business tier makes way more sense and is still relatively affordable.


With Hostinger you come for the price and stay for the quality hosting experience. You may need to use the highest tier to get the most bang for your buck but Hostinger is right up there with the industry leaders in terms of service.

We definitely recommend Hostinger as a top-tier hosting service and should be looked at seriously when making a web hosting decision.

Hostinger FAQ

Is Hostinger good for WordPress?

Hostinger is a good choice for WordPress as it allows one-click installation. Using Hostinger for WordPress is a solid option if you’re looking at shared hosting as an option for your website (which most people are doing).

What is meant by virtual host?

Virtual hosting is when multiple domain names are using a single server or multiple servers. What this is doing is allowing a server to use its memory and processor cycles on multiple websites at the same time. This is ideal for companies that don’t need all the processing power of a single server.

Why is web hosting necessary?

Web hosting is necessary because a website needs to be hosted on a server to live on the internet. Unless you have the funds to use your own web servers a hosting service is necessary.

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Joseph 10/10 Speed : Fast Usability : Easy To Use

May 12, 2020

Reliable Hosting

Hostinger has been in my sight for a while. Never felt the need to test on purpose. Unfortunately, I had to transit my websites to Hostinger. Well, it was just a positive experience most of the time. At first, I had some struggle to adjust to there custom panel but after a while it was like a piece of cake for me. I do also agree with authors points expressed in the article.

James 10/10 Speed : Fast Usability : Slightly Complicated

May 15, 2019

High-quality hosting for the best price

I used hostinger services for a while now. I agree with you that they offer high-quality services for a good price. So far I have nothing to complain about as their services work perfectly and if I face any difficulties their live support does their job great, always polite, friendly and ready to help.

Henry 9.5/10 Speed : Fast Usability : Easy To Use

April 10, 2019

Worth it

I am never too trustworthy of cheap anything. While hostinger is very affordable, it works as a top-level service and my doubts were cleared.

Dom 10/10 Speed : Fast Usability : Easy To Use

March 26, 2019

I love this hosting

Nice work. I do miss phone support here too, but they make it easy to chat with them. Each question I have has been answered and everything was explained to me to make it clear. Recommending hostinger to all readers!!