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Best Free Website Builders

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pie giphyFinding a free website builder is a smart decision for a lot of people.

Sinking money into something that you don’t quite know what you’re doing with yet isn’t the best idea. Most people like to drive a car before buying it so why not drive a website builder before buying?

There is no website builder dealership to go to. Where the heck do you start when building a website? If you have no prior experience it can be really confusing.

What does hosting mean? Do I have to learn how to code? Why is there a WordPress.com and a WordPress.org? It is pretty confusing which is why starting out for free is not a bad idea at all.

The great news is there are some awesome options for free website builders and it’s as easy as pie. I don’t even know how easy pie is – this might be easier.

Our Top 3 Choices for Best Free Website Builders

The first place you should go to use a free website builder is Constant Contact. The awesome thing about Constant Contact is that it is also our pick as the best email marketing service. The fact that they offer a free version of their service is just icing on the cake (I don’t know why desserts have so much to do with website builders).

Using Constant Contact is the easiest way to get a website up and running for free with no added complications while also diving into email marketing right away.

1. Constant Contact – Best Builder for Canada (Includes Free Hosting)

Constant Contact didn’t get into the game with website builders. They are known as the best email marketing software on the market.
They dabbled in landing pages and probably concluded that people need a really good free website builder. Then they built it.

Constant Contact did a fantastic job building out their website builder and the free version of it gets you way farther than any other free website builder.

Free Version

There are limitations on the free version of the service but it will get you started with building your website. Not having to pay any money to figure out what you’re doing is a huge value add.

The thing about the free plans on Constant Contact is you get almost everything you get in a paid plan. You at least get to try it out. Here are some other things you get in a free plan that most other website builders don’t include:

  • Social Sharing
  • Facebook Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • LogoMaker
  • Selling 3 Products
  • Online Payments
  • Inventory, Order, and Tax Management
  • Coupons and Discounting
  • Transactional Emails
  • Shipping Management

For some of these features, like discounting, you have to go into the second or third paid tier on eCommerce services. The fact that you can just use these features for free is crazy.

Ease of Use

I just jumped onto Constant Contact’s website builder marketing page. I set a timer right when I clicked “Create Your Free Site”.

Constant Contact

I decided to make a travel agency website where someone can contact me through email or by calling. 

I used stock photos and just kept the logo as the words “Travel Agency”.

I’m not even kidding, I had a website built in 4 minutes and 37 seconds. I wasn’t even rushing and It looked pretty good too.

If I spent another ten minutes playing around with more stock photos or changing colors around I think this website would look just as good as other custom-built agency built websites for travel agents.

If you want the easiest website to build ever that actually looks good I don’t see a point in using anything but their builder. 

How is this possible?

Not Starting from Scratch

Constant Contact created their quick and easy website builder by using artificial intelligence. The software asks you a few questions about the type of website you want and then offers you specific stock photos and templates.

You don’t have a million choices but you do have an extremely large amount for a free website builder. You can even upload your own pictures and logo if you want to. 

The website builder offers up color layouts you can switch back and forth between that complement each other. It then asks you which fonts you want and uses multiple that also complement each other with the correct sizing. You really don’t have to worry about anything.

Having a crazy amount of choice with hundreds of templates isn’t what you’re getting out of the Constant Contact website builder. What you’re getting is the simplest website builder that looks the best. You can’t customize it to be exactly what your soul yearns for but if that’s what you need you should probably be hiring a web developer and sitting next to him as he builds your vision.

2. Wix – Quick, Easy and Functional (Includes Free Hosting)

Wix isn’t some free software that works half as well as the website builders people pay for.

Wix is the industry leader when it comes to website builders. They also just so happen to offer a free version of their service.

Free Version

There are limitations on the free version of the service but it will get you started with building your website. Not having to pay any money to figure out what you’re doing is a huge value add.

DomainAssigned URL: username.wixsite.com/siteaddressConnect a custom domain
Wix adsWix ads appear on every page & favicon in URLRemove Wix ads
StorageUp to 500MBOver 500MB available
BandwidthUp to 500MBFrom 1GB and up available
Online paymentsNot includedIncluded with Business Premium Plans
Customer supportAvailablePremium & VIP support options including faster response time
Google AnalyticsNot includedIncluded

None of the aspects of the free plan should dissuade you from using it. If you decide you need the premium features in the future you would have gotten to the point of figuring out if the website is what you actually want.

Ease of Use

There are actually easier to use website builders. With that being said – Wix is still pretty easy to use.

You can build a website with mass customization, without coding, and without extra headaches. There are ways to ignore the mass customization and just build a professional looking website without doing too much as well.

There are numerous website development services that have drag-and-drop functionality. All this means is that you drag something you want to use and then you drop it. It’s as easy as it gets.


This is ideal for editing that prioritizes speed and ease of use.

Not Starting from Scratch

Wix has this awesome functionality called Artificial Design Intelligence. Basically what the ADI does is ask you various questions and applies that to an algorithm that creates a site for you. It takes all the options of element, themes, and layouts out of your hands and grabs from every combination.

Rather than taking the time to look through all of the themes and layouts the software picks for you based on preferences and questions asked. It’s a timesaving and decision mitigating feature.

Wix is for people who want to create a website that is unique to them without having to deal with all the extra stuff that comes with running a website.

For more info, read our detailed Wix review.

3. WordPress – Bigger Learning Curve, Total Customization (Requires Paid Hosting)

Wordpress is another great option if you’re looking for the best free website builder. It’s not as intuitive and easy for beginners as Wix but it does allow for a lot more customization (at a cost).

If you’re looking for to build a site for the long term and can afford the 10-15 hours of learn how to use WordPress probably it’s definitely the better choice.

Before jumping into the benefits of WordPress we should clarify what the difference is between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Dot Com

WordPress.com is similar to Wix. You go to the website, sign up, and start making your website. It is super simple.

When using Wix – Wix itself is hosting your website. What this means is that Wix is actually providing the technologies and services needed for the web page to be viewed on the internet.

WordPress.com does the same thing. It hosts your website for you and also provides you with free website building. It also offers premium versions of it’s website builder and a bunch of premium options.

You can just jump on the website and get started for free today to check it out.

Dot Org

This is the WordPress most people are talking about when they talk about WordPress.

This version is completely free to use with premium options such as themes and apps. It also works differently than the WordPress.com version and Wix.

Rather than WordPress hosting your site you have to go out into the great wide web and find your own hosting service. This is simple but it does add an extra step and level of complication to the process. Any good hosting service costs money but there are a few free versions out there that can be used.

How WordPress Works

Contrary to what a lot of people think – you don’t need to know how to code to use WordPress. A lot of themes allow a lot of the functionality that Wix offers with the ability to customize further with code.


Themes are different than Wix. On WordPress you have to choose a theme to build your website. Themes are basically what Wix already has built in to the software. They are the bones of your website. Each theme has certain constraints on how your website will look but you can select where all of your elements go on the web page as well as the color scheme.

Each theme will have its own functionality and will limit customizability – especially the free ones. Free themes are constraining but they can still allow you to build a beautiful website.

Free Version of WordPress.com

DomainAssigned URL: sitename.wordpress.comConnect a custom domain
StorageUp to 3GBUnlimited storage available
AdvertisingWordPress.com advertising and bannersRemove WordPress.com ads
Customer supportCommunity SupportEmail and live chat support
Apps and FeaturesJetpack essential featuresPayment options and thousands of apps
DesignBasic design customizationAdvanced design customization

One thing to keep in mind is that the WordPress.org version is always free. The only thing you have to pay for besides hosting are any premium themes and apps you might want.

For simplicity’s sake it just makes more sense to use Wix if you’re looking for a free version of a website builder.

Honorary Mentions For Other Free Website Builders in Canada

Wix and WordPress are our first choices for free website builders and you can feel free to check out our longer and more detailed comparison of the two options.

They aren’t the only free options out there. There are actually a bunch of free website builders. Most aren’t great. It’s hard to offer a fantastic service for free. However, there are two other options worth mentioning: Weebly and Droopal.

Weebly is easy to use, simple, and straightforward with a simple interface. It almost made the cut of being a recommendation but it’s basically just a worse version of Wix. Still, if you want an alternative to Wix. Don’t get us wrong we still think Weebly is a great builder but it lacks the full functionality of Wix.

Weebly – Another Great Free Website Builder

Weebly works a lot like Wix and it probably is the third or fourth best website builder on the market.

When it comes to free website builders it is the second or third best website builder depending what you consider WordPress to be categorically.

How it differs from Wix

Weebly is easy to use – everything makes sense. The issues with the builder is that the end product always looks a little off. When you’re done with a Wix website you can confidently say it looks good or make the adjustments to make it look good.


With Weebly there is a high probability of looking at the end product and feeling kind of meh about it. It will just be okay.

The theme customization on Weebly is rather limited especially when compared to a blank canvas type editor like Wix. While it is easy to use there just aren’t that many options to go with.

One thing Weebly does do better than Wix is keep everything neat and tidy. Wix can be a little overwhelming with the countless options to drag around. Weebly feels more organized which can help a lot with stress and anxiety around building your website.

For more info read our Weebly review.

Free Version

The free version of Weebly offers enough to get started. Upgrading is easy once you’ve figured out if you like the platform. Getting your feet wet is definitely worth the small time commitment.

DomainWeebly.com subdomainConnect a custom domain
Storage500MBUnlimited storage available
AdvertisingDisplay Weebly adsRemove ads
Apps and FeaturesNo apps and other features missingUse of apps with many other premium features

WebSelf – Best French Website Builder

WebSelf is the best French website builder on the market. It fits right into the mold of the other drag-and-drop website builders mentioned on this list.

This French website builder allows you to do quite a lot with its free version and lets you see exactly what it’s all about without paying a cent.

How it differs from Weebly

We just mentioned Weebly as the easiest website builder that can still make a pretty good website extremely quickly.

Here is a shocker, WebSelf is actually even easier to use. The goal of the founders of WebSelf was to make web development accessible to all.

It literally just takes a few clicks. You can change how the background looks, add your custom photos, and write some witty copy in minutes.

With WebSelf you access to designs that the company already created. They even add new ones all the time so you can find the template that fits what you’re looking for.

WebSelf Example

With WebSelf, a high level of customization isn’t what you’re getting. You’re getting a pretty polished product without doing much.

The theme customization on WebSelf is rather limited just like Weebly and changing the aspects of it are pretty similar. The big differentiator here is the already built designs that WebSelf offers. 

WebSelf really keeps things clean, it makes Weebly look like a mess. Dragging and dropping the elements that are available might be the easiest way to say you built a website ever. It almost takes no effort.

Free Version

The free version of WebSelf offers enough to get started. Upgrading is easy once you’ve figured out if you like the platform. Getting your feet wet is definitely worth the small time commitment.

DomainWebself.net subdomainConnect a custom domain
Pages5 pagesUnlimited pages available
DisplayPowered by WebSelfRemoved Display
FeaturesAll Basic FeaturesAll Basic Features


I don’t necessarily recommend these options but they definitely are alternative options.

ucraft logoUcraft: Free plans allow you to create a custom domain. The block-based website design is kind of limiting. Some people love it but I find drag-and-drop builders a little more user friendly.

strikingly logoStrikingly: Strikingly does have pros. For example, you can sell one singular product on your web page. They specialize in making one page websites so themes and design aren’t as important.

site123 logoSITE123: A great option for the least tech-savvy of us. SITE123 has a template system called design assistance. It makes it almost automatic to make a website that looks pretty good. If you want to have any creative input into your website SITE123 isn’t the best choice.

jimdo logoJimdo: Free plans on Jimdo come with some cool features like eCommerce capabilities and embedding videos. The design interface isn’t the best but you can make an average looking website with it.


When it comes down to it – if you’re looking for a free website builder you’re probably not looking to over complicate the decision.

It’s easy to try out every option above as it is free to sign up and try out any of them. That would be the best way to figure out which one you like the best.

If you don’t feel like doing that then just use Constant Contact. It simplifies things by just going there and getting started. It takes a lot for a beginner to be dissapointed by Constant Contact. For more info check out our gigantic article on the best website builders.

Free Website Builder FAQ

Are there any good free website builders?

Yes! Wix and WordPress are both great options for free website builders.

What is the easiest free website builder?

The easiest to use free website builder is SITE123. Easiest isn’t always best though. Wix offers the most features while also being relatively simple.

Is Wix better than WordPress?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that it can be. If you’re looking to highly customize your website without a solid learning curve then Wix is better than WordPress for you. WordPress is a deep dive into website building whereas Wix is kind of like wading into the shallow end and flirting with the idea of swimming into the deep end.

Is Wix really free?

Wix has a free version but your domain name will have this format: username.wixsite.com/siteaddress. To use a custom domain and unlock a lot of feature you will have to select a paid plan

How do I get a free domain name from Wix?

A free domain name is available after selecting a paid plan. You still have to pay for the Wix plan but they throw in a domain name for free – for a year

What is the best free website builder for small business?

We recommend WordPress for small businesses as their are more features for payments, analytics and tracking. Read our small business review.

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