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Top Small Business Hosting 2021

Gary Stevens — Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Best Small Business Host

While the day will likely never come when we buy everything online (gasoline and puppies may prove especially problematical), there’s no denying that eCommerce has created significant changes in our shopping habits.

Now it seems that everyone and their cousin Fred has an online store. Maybe you do too. If so, more power to you.

Are you happy with your business web host?

You should take just as much care in choosing a web host for your website as you would choosing the location for a brick-and-more store. Your website is your storefront. To develop and maintain a strong online presence – and grab a piece of that ever-expanding pie – requires a reliable, reputable hosting solution.

Factors like uptime and page-loading speed make a difference to potential customers. One bad experience with a poorly-performing website and they won’t likely be back.

Keep reading to see which of these services qualify as the best web hosting for small business in Canada in 2021.

Best Hosting Services For Small Businesses

We know that not all small businesses are the same. So that’s why we’ve picked the best host for each kind of business. That way you can find the a host that works EXACTLY for your purposes. Hope it helps!

1. SiteGround

Great Uptimes and Load times + 24/7 Customer Support at $9.11/month

Key Features:

FREE site transfer or new setup with 1-click install
FREE automated daily backup, CDN, email, SSL
24/7 support; no wait time on phone or chat
Recommended by WordPress as best host
99.9% uptime


 Off-the-shelf backups with unique improvements that speed up your website considerably and demand fewer resources


Occasional plan limitations of features other companies include for free.

SiteGround Top Small Business Hosting Review

A good web host is money in the bank and that’s what SiteGround endeavors to be. An all around awesome performer in the hosting industry with an easy-to-use feature set that combines with excellent uptime and reliability to make sure you spend more time growing your business and less time mired in technical details.

Where SiteGround diverges from the mainstream in business philosophy is in a dedication to ground-up software coding that doesn’t rely on someone else’s work.

Need a custom solution that isn’t an exact replica of what other companies shovel out to the masses? SiteGround might be your best choice. And on the off chance things don’t go perfectly, expect world-class customer service and technical support.

2. Kinsta

Best Premium Option for Serious Hosting

Key Features:

Speed Obsessive Architecture
High-Security Network
Next-Generation Infrastructure
Google Cloud Platform
Free Site Migrations
Uptime Checks Every Two Minutes
Full Daily Backups
20 Global Data Centers


The best hosting small businesses can buy
24/7 Customer Support


It’s going to cost you

Kinsta Top Small Business Hosting Review

Kinsta is in the premium category of hosting, it’s basically the Lamborghini of hosting for small businesses. That means to use Kinsta, you need to spend a little bit more money than you would on other hosting solutions.

Do you anticipate turning your website into a traffic machine or are you interested in a more managed solution that takes care of tasks you would have to do yourself otherwise? If so, Kinsta is the best choice available to you for small business hosting.

Most hosting services for small businesses are in a race towards the bottom in terms of pricing. There’s nothing wrong with that as it presents a lot of value to you, the hosting consumer.

However, In 2013, a group of developers decided they had enough of the industry as it was and set out to create the best premium hosting service. That service offers amazing support, free migrations, free CDN, and advanced dashboards.

Most hosting services use Amazon Web Services as their infrastructure but Kinsta decided that wasn’t good enough and opted to use Google Cloud Network instead. With that, you get much better performance and can choose exactly which data center you would like to use.

Pricing and Plans

The only negative that we can honestly point out with Kinsta is the pricing of the service, it’s unabashedly more expensive than its competitors. There is a reason for that, you need to fork up a few extra Loonies and Toonies to get rid of the negatives associated with using a consumer hosting service.

Hosting services under $5 per month will each have a unique set of pain points you will have to deal with. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, those pain points might be worth it to ensure you can get your WordPress website up and running as soon as possible.

If you have the money to spend on Kinsta then you can see those pain points disappear right in front of your eyes while you receive the best hosting security, the fastest speeds, the most uptime, and the best features.

3. HostPapa

BEST OVERALL HOSTING for Price, Speed, Uptime and Customer Support ($2.95/month)

Key Features:

FREE domain
FREE domain transfer
24/7 support
99.95% uptime
Unlimited websites
Unlimited SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth


Feature-packed hosting services with an array of freebies and integrations that will make life much easier.


A little expensive without discount

HostPapa Top Small Business Hosting Review

Nearly half the price of their regular business hosting packages and free upgrades that are otherwise a bit pricey. The discount they are offering makes a premium choice like HostPapa as inexpensive as some of the cheapest plans.

When running your small business, you don’t want to spend more money than you have to. Usually finding the right service in the right price range is difficult. If you’re reading this and you’re looking for business web hosting, it isn’t.

HostPapa is at the top of our list, without a doubt— and not just because they’re fellow Canadians.  In fact, HostPapa is our choice for most of our client sites and all of our own. By not failing us in any aspect, but rather exceeding our expectations for the most part, HostPapa certainly is the best pick for most Canadians.

Seeing that HostPapa loves Canada, as you might expect, they decided to offer some serious discounts to our readers.

Follow this linkarrow pointing to hostpapa discount link for hostingcanada.org readersto get ahold of your discount on new business hosting packages, or sign up here to get it right now.

Your business’s website will load slightly faster than it would if hosted on other popular web hosts because HostPapa’s servers are located throughout Canada. They are also headquartered in Canada (in Burlington, ON).

Pricing and Plans

On top of offering such huge discounts, HostPapa decided to offer you all of their key features for free, which adds up to $50 in the end. Some of those features are:

  • ☑️ 30-day money-back
  • ☑️ Quality website builder for free
  • ☑️ SSL encryption free of charge
  • ☑️ Domain registration for free, and more

HostPapa also has great customer support 24/7. If you need help it’s basically like having another employee appear from thin air to solve your business needs. It is a virtual godsend when a million other things are going on.

It’s incredibly easy to install WordPress with HostPapa, by using its one-click install option. On top of that, you can utilize Let’s Encrypt and get free SSL. 

As a small business owner, hosting on HostPapa is just as simple as any other hosting service you may be using now. If you’re not familiar with the world of web hosting, don’t worry. HostPapa is as straightforfard as it gets. You can quickly launch a blog or business website – just follow the steps laid out in our HostPapa review.

4. iPage

Most Affordable Small Business Hosting

Key Features:

Easy setup and reliability since 1998
FREE domain and Google marketing credits included
Unlimited disk, bandwidth, and emails
FREE site builder and shopping cart
75% off today (was $8.99/month)


 Offers a full security suite and promises to answer support calls in less than two minutes.


There have been rumors from customers that iPage sometimes suffers from slow websites and too much downtime – likely a product of too much shared hosting.

iPage Top Small Business Hosting Review

Of course you want free hosting. We all want free hosting.

…But what you have to realize is that a completely free web host will either be out of business tomorrow or will nickel and dime you to death with upsells. What you should be looking for, instead, is an ultra-cheap host that is worth a small investment – such is the case with iPage, which costs less than $2/month.

What can you expect for that modest outlay? How about a free domain, website builder, ecommerce options, and technical support when you need it?

Web newbies and veterans alike will find much to love about the value iPage brings to the table. While the task of ranking web hosts is sometimes a frustrating apples-to-oranges process, one thing is clear. iPages is among the best budget options to be found.

5. Wix

Most Affordable Small Business Hosting

Key Features:

No coding needed complete drag-and-drop sophisticated site builder
Lots of high-quality templates
Thriving app market for enhanced website functionality
eCommerce is dead simple
Literally build website at zero cost


 Maybe the cheapest way to get a quality online presence – fast.


Some believe the enclosed SEO ecosystem is not a favorite with Google. Only offers a 14-day refund period.

Wix Top Small Business Hosting Review

The Wix platform has come a long way in a short time…

If you haven’t checked them out in a while, expect to find a refined site builder that makes it easy for even inexperienced developers to re-size and precisely position images, text, video, and more. Best of all, everything stays right where you put it and – oh, by the way – did we mention you don’t have to touch a single piece of code?

Whether your ultimate goal is a simple blog website or a fully functional online store, Wix can get you there. As a truly free web host, it probably doesn’t surprise you that the basic plan comes with ads, but you can upgrade to have them removed for $10/month and that includes a free year’s domain registration.

Wix is also a great choice for anyone looking for the best website builder, and it’s our personal fav after testing and reviewing it for more than 14 months.

6. InMotion Hosting

Most Affordable Small Business Hosting

Key Features:

FREE domain, site transfer, WordPress installed
Unlimited WordPress sites on one account
Unlimited bandwidth, FREE backups, SSL
Easy wizard for integrating Google apps
SPAM Safe email protection


 Have we mentioned it enough? WordPress is preinstalled. Outstanding onboarding process for new customers.


To get the best pricing you have to pay for a year in advance

InMotion Top Small Business Hosting Review

Blogs continue to be one of the most popular iterations of websites, and hosting these communication tools is where InMotion stands out.

While online stores are great, they often fall woefully short when it comes time to build your website and personal brand. Most blogs don’t need heavy-duty hosting but should provide enough features to make sure you look professional.

To see how serious InMotion is about blogging, look back up to that features list. WordPress comes PREINSTALLED, which, if you’re keeping score at home, is one fewer step than all the others bragging about 1-click installation. Just saying, if it’s a WordPress blog you seek, this company will get you one pronto.

7. Liquid Web

Small Business Dedicated Server

Key Features:

FREE incoming bandwidth; choice of operating system
Auto-migrations, backups, 24/7 Sonar Monitoring
Custom configurations with SSDs; instant provisioning
Load Balancer, Storm Block, Object Storage add-ons
Right now priced at $96.75/month (normally $129)


 Guaranteed 100% uptime.


Rapid company growth seems to have stretched the technical support staff a little thin, resulting in some being put to work before receiving adequate training.

LiquidWeb Top Small Business Hosting Review

Eventually the resource demands (traffic) of your website might outgrow even VPS hosting and require an upgrade to a dedicated server.

As you might expect, this type of hosting setup comes at an even higher price point than the best VPS host, but you can rest easy at night knowing you have done your part to provide the best infrastructure possible for your website.

When it comes to managed dedicated hosting, we don’t hesitate to suggest you take a look at Liquid Web. These guys and gals maintain three U.S. based datacenters, employ more than 50 developers, and offer three levels of hosting plans – fully, core, or self-managed.

When you partner with Liquid Web for a dedicated server, you know you’re getting top of the line hardware, software, and as much or as little technical support as you need.

The Bottom Line

Congratulations on readers who made it to the end of the article, and kudos to the web hosts on our list!

No matter where you are in the business growth cycle, there’s at least one host here that should fit your needs. The secret to online success is scalability.

Perhaps more than anything else, you need a web host who can easily adapt to your increased need for resources and features.

If you held us down and tickled us until we confessed, we’d say that SiteGround just might be the single best web host to handle a business at any stage of growth, from rank rookie to hardened business tycoon.