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Best AI Website Builders in 2024

Having a strong online presence with a professional website is crucial for businesses, entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, and eCommerce store owners. However, many of these groups don’t have the time or budget required to a create website. Luckily, with the rise of AI technology, AI website builder tools have come along to offer an efficient solution to the problem. Here, we’ll review the best AI website creation tools. 

How to Choose the Best AI Website Builder

When looking for a software or technology product, you need to know what features to look out for to choose the best product for your needs. Website builders may seem similar at first glance, but each tool will have different features, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Comparing the features of tools such as Appypie, GoDaddy, or Unbounce will give you greater insight into whether the product is right for your website building needs. Listed below are a few of the key things to look out for to help you get started choosing an AI website-building tool.

Ease of Use

Not all website-building tools are made the same. The Wix AI website builder, for example, is widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly tools available. Having an AI tool that is easy to use means that you can quickly get started building a website in just a few steps—there is not a steep learning curve.


Many AI website-building tools rely on pre-built templates that the AI then customizes to your liking. Website builders that come with an expansive set of templates mean that you have more options at your disposal to find a website style and design that fits your business and brand.

Manual Customization 

Many website owners are in the market for a tool that lays the majority of the groundwork but that also allows for manual customization. Many website builders have strict templates that may or may not be customizable to the degree that customers want. It’s important to be aware of the limitations of customization that a tool has.

SEO Optimization 

SEO optimization is critical for online presence and marketing. Be sure to check how well-rated the website builders are when it comes to optimizing a website for SEO and SEM before deciding to go with a certain product.

Advanced Capabilities 

Advanced AI capabilities can be selling points for many customers. For example, the ability to generate copy, edit videos and images, and create custom code are often points of focus for customers looking for an artificial intelligence website builder.


Wix ADI User Interface

Best features:

  • AI code assistance to create custom code for web design
  • eCommerce support for users who want to set up an online shop
  • OpenAI integration
  • Over 900 customizable templates

Pricing: Starting at $16/month for the basic plan which includes up to 2GB of storage, 2 collaborators, and a free domain for one year.

Most ideal for: Wix ADI is a great option for anybody who wants a professional website built with the support of AI, whether it’s a fully created website or a starting point created by AI.

Wix has been a popular website builder for many years. With time, the company has slowly grown its AI capabilities to make the tool one of the best website builder AI tools available. Today, customers get to benefit from advanced features such as a custom code assistant, AI copywriting, SEO tag suggestions, flexible website design and creation, and AI-driven insights for website traffic and sales.


Best features:

  • AI logo maker for brand identification
  • AI heatmap for insights into user behavior
  • SEO optimization

Pricing: $2.49 per month with the first three months for free, support on up to 100 websites, unmetered traffic, and a free domain.

Most ideal for: Hostinger is the perfect website builder with AI for customers who are on a limited budget but still want advanced features and a professional-looking website.

With a free 30-day trial and a generous three months for free, Hostinger is the best AI website builder free of charge. The tool has advanced AI features like the AI heatmap to analyze how website visitors interact with webpages and the AI logo maker to help new businesses establish their brand identity. What’s more, users can easily customize webpages created by the AI webpage generator by using the easy drag-and-drop editor.


GoDaddy Homepage

Best features:

  • eCommerce support with integrations with Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify
  • GoDaddy Studio to create branded content
  • Social media and email marketing tools
  • Insights into website visitor behavior driven by AI

Pricing: GoDaddy offers free website development and hosting with limited features. The next tier-up costs $9.99 per month and includes a free domain for one year.

Most ideal for: GoDaddy is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want the reliability of a household name in the web hosting world as GoDaddy is a large brand that is always enhancing its products and capabilities.

GoDaddy is a well-known company in the web hosting and building world. The company’s AI tools help customers create a professional looking website in a matter of minutes. With built-in marketing and analytics tools, GoDaddy website owners have all the tools they need to grow their business or brand.


CodeDesign features

Best features:

  • SEO optimized webpages
  • Export AI-generated website code
  • Website or component generation with AI
  • AI writer for marketing copy

Pricing: The most basic plan CodeDesign offers costs $9.99 per month, and it includes hosting, a domain name, and up to 25,000 visits per month.              

Most ideal for: CodeDesign is perfect for those who want the most control out of their website development process as designers and developers can use the AI to generate code, export the code, and then further customize the website on their own.

CodeDesign is a powerful AI tool for website development as it gives control to the user. Customers can have the AI tool generate code for subsections of a website like specific components, or they can have the AI create entire web pages which can then be hosted with CodeDesign or published anywhere.


Unbounce features

Best features:

  • AI writer for website copy and emails
  • AI optimization and smart trafficking to send website visitors to different landing pages
  • Popup and sticky bar generation
  • Style guide for brand optimization

Pricing: Unbounce is the priciest AI builder on the market. The introductory plan costs $99 per month and includes unlimited landing pages, a free domain, and up to 20,000 visitors per month.             

Most ideal for: As Unbounce is a premium AI landing page creator, the tool is built for clients or businesses who already have well-established websites and who want to optimize their existing brand.

Unbounce is a powerful tool for landing page generation. The tool can create any number of landing pages intended to influence website visitors to act upon a call to action such as subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or completing a form. What’s more, the AI tool can direct users to different landing pages based on data-driven insights to give website owners the greatest possibility of generating more conversions.


Durable CTA button with a feature

Best features:

  • SEO-optimized webpages
  • AI admin assistant
  • Customizable components after AI webpage generation

Pricing: Durable offers a free introductory plan for beginners who want a basic website with a Durable subdomain. For clients who want a custom domain, the intro package costs $12 per month and includes up to 10 pages.     

Most ideal for: Durable AI website builder is a great option for clients who want a website created by AI that’s perfectly suited to their niche whether that’s as a blogger, photographer, or a small business. However, it’s not suitable for clients who want to start an eCommerce store.

Durable is a powerful AI website creator that can develop modern web pages in as little as 30 seconds. By answering a few questions, the AI tool will create webpages that can then be further customized manually through an easy-to-use interface.


Jimdo features

Best features:

  • Legal text generator for legal web pages and compliance
  • Automatic mobile optimization
  • AI insights for SEO and Google rankings
  • Artificial design intelligence driven webpage creation

Pricing: Jimdo offers a free plan with base features and a domain. For a personal ad-free website, pricing starts at $9 per month and includes a free custom domain.              

Most ideal for: Jimbdo was made for entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers, and other creatives who are on a limited budget but still need a professionally-built website. All website owners need to do is answer a few questions from the AI tool, and the website will be created in a matter of seconds.

Jimdo is the ideal website builder powered by artificial intelligence for customers who want to showcase their work in an ad-free, user-friendly space. The tool may lack some of the more advanced features compared to competitors like Wix, yet it’s powerful enough to create an attractive website driven by artificial design intelligence.

Do I need an AI website builder?

There is no straightforward answer to the question of whether you need an artificial intelligence website builder. Rather, the question of using an AI website builder comes down to a few key things—your budget for website development, the complexity of your website, the use of your website, and the specific features your website must have. If all you need a website for is to display media or written content, business hours, or other static information, a free AI website builder can easily meet your needs. However, if you need a website that has more complex functionality like an eCommerce website, it may be better to use an AI website-building tool as a starting point.