The goal of this website is simple – to help Canadians build online businesses and blogs. We started a few years ago in the web design space and quickly realised there wasn’t enough high quality information to help people get started.

We built this site as an education resource for people looking to bootstrap their first website or upgrade their hosting.

We Operate on Three Simple Principles

  1. Objective Information – There are a lot of people out there promoting services or companies that they have never even used let alone tested.
  2. Research – We strive to publish the best public information about web hosting. We have live tests and uptime tracking 24/7 which all our readers are free to check out.
  3. Community – Our readers’ opinions and experiences are important to us, that’s why we encourage you to leave a review.

How We Support This Site

We earn a commission every time someone reads one of our articles and signs up with our recommended partners. You can see who we work with here. We use the proceeds to pay for the maintenance of this site, uptime monitoring as well as guides we right 4X a month.

We Stay 100% Compliant With Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

We review our content monthly to ensure we are 100% compliant with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Our content and research is 100% original and all the data points are cited. All readers are informed which pages have affiliate links and how we monetize the site. If you’d like further information please contact us.

The History of Web Hosting Industy + Why We Started This Site (the short version)

Elliot here. I’m the owner of this outfit.

Most of the Big Name web hosts you see in advertisements today got their start registering domains in the early 1990s at thirty bucks a pop, just as the internet was becoming known to the masses. The smart ones soon realized that people rarely change their registrar and present customers were ripe to upsell into a long-term web hosting package.

Nothing evil about that. It’s the way the world works.

The problem was – and still is in large part – that too many of them decided to save money by using outdated software and hardware, offering truly awful customer support, and generally participating in a race to the bottom.

After years of dealing with far too many of these jokers in my web design company, I decided to only accept new clients who agreed to go with one of the handful of host companies I personally recommended and knew to be legitimate.

Eventually, I decided to expand my recommendations from personal discussions with potential clients and put them on this website for anyone to read and hopefully benefit from.

Here’s the Hosting Canada Team

ELLIOT MAITLAND is the boss at Hosting Canada and a website design and development expert with more years of experience than he would like to admit. He lives in Toronto with his wife, an entitled Shih-Tzu named Bernadette (who is NOT his wife), and has been called a nerd more than once. He re-reads Catch-22 every year just to remind himself to stop taking everything so damn seriously.

NAOKO RINA developed a love for numbers and surfing about the same time, when she was ten years old. She eventually graduated from UCLA with a degree in Statistics, squeezing in classes between sessions hanging ten at Huntington Beach. Naoko heads up all the Hosting Canada data collection and analysis that forms the basis of the web host recommendations.

The newest team member, FABIO CRUZ (yep, that’s his real name) met Elliot thanks to a mutual interest in pickup basketball. They become buddies and decided to work in a business together. Before joining Hosting Canada, Fabio worked as a backend developer and consultant and is able to offer an informed perspective on the server side features of web hosts, which is a pretty big deal.

That’s us in a slightly longer version than intended. The bottom line is we’re passionate about web hosting. If you have any questions on the topic, please let us know via the contact form. Thanks!