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Small Business Tools and Reviews


DisclaimerIn full transparency and honesty, I do make a commission if you purchase one of my recommendations. I use that money to pay for development of this website and also give myself a salary which I use mostly for professional development. 

Welcome to the small biz tools section for Hosting Canada. The goal of this page is pretty simple – to help Canadians understand the variety of services to build and grow their online businesses.

You might be thinking… wait isn’t this a website about web hosting? 🤔

Yes, that was the original goal when I started this in 2017 but over the last three years an amazing journey of growing several of my own online businesses, helping others and speaking at community events in and around Ottawa has give me a crash course of the finances, HR and day-to-day operations.

I decided to make this section to help other small biz owners looking to get the best tools and services for the job. Whether that’s which credit card gives the best points, which bank account has the best interest rates or which insurance plan covers you I’ve reviewed (or will review) most of them.

All of my picks are based off my own research and experience. I strive to maintain transparency and only recommend products I’ve used and tested.

Financial Products for Small Businesses

Over the last 3 years I’ve done a fair bit of research on the financial products that are best suited towards small businesses and entrepreneurs. In this section I compare products based on plans, services and pricing.

Software Reviews

In this section you can level up your software choices. I don’t have everything here but I’ll be slowly adding to this over the next year or so. I focus on premium products and generally avoid free ones here.

Gary’s Personal Reviews of Random Things

This is where I review random stuff. Stay tuned for my first review of my favorite stuffed toys.

Our Step-by-Step Guides

More Tutorials coming soon! Stay tuned.