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Top 7 eCommerce Products

ecommerceStarting an eCommerce store is a great way to earn some side cash.

The process to get started is straightforward and easy. And who knows, after a while, you may be able to turn your eCommerce store into a highly profitable business!

However, before you can dream about making all this income, you have to find your niche, and you need to know what products you’ll be selling.

After all, if you don’t have a product with high potential, you’ll never create a successful eCommerce store. Check out these top eCommerce products to sell.

Top 7 eCommerce Products to Explore 🛒

#1 Resistance Bands

workoutHome workout products are in right now. Healthcare products, which include workout goods, are always popular products for eCommerce stores. And now, with all the lockdowns, gym closures, and general anxieties from crowded public areas, people are struggling to work out as they once have.

Furthermore, the pandemic also showed many people how important it is to have good health. Thus, the home fitness industry has been booming.

While buying a full-on home gym sounds nice, it isn’t feasible for 95% of the population due to money and space. However, resistance bands are affordable, space-saving, and versatile regarding exercise.

You can find several styles of resistance bands that serve different purposes and that can be marketed to different genders, ages, and more.

Profit ❓💰

Depending on your budget, you can purchase resistance bands that cost as little as $0.01 per unit. With such a fractional cost for supply, you have easy money waiting to be made. If you have an established eCommerce store, adding some resistance bands to your catalogue is the perfect way to earn some easy profit!

#2 Storage Containers

boxHave you ever looked in one of your closets and noticed how disorganized things are?

Have you ever thought about how you’d like to organize items, if only you had storage containers? If so, you’re like tens of thousands of other people.

Now that people are spending more time at home than ever before, it’s not as easy to let a messy area remain so.

And as it seems like many businesses are committing to the work-from-home for good, people are going to want to have a clean and organized house to stay in all day.

What’s more, people are going to spend more time cooking their meal and therefore they will need storage.

Profit ❓💰

All of this adds up to demand in storage containers. Think large plastic bins for storing bathroom goods, winter/summer clothes, and even Tupperware-like products for your kitchen. These products are cheap, and it’s easy to find a supplier that provides various styles, sizes, and uses. And as they’re cheap to produce, there is an attractive profit margin waiting to be taken advantage of.

#3 Portable Chargers

chargerWhen you think of portable chargers, you likely think of convenience and travel. People cannot live without their phones and they need to have a charger with them just in case the battery runs low! We all love quick and easy solutions after all.

What’s more, people have been spending less money on entertainment, so they’re more willing to spend it on convenience items now. And really, there is nothing that screams convenience like a portable battery that can charge all your devices.

As people will always be willing to pay for convenience, now is the perfect time to give them what they want. You can find a plethora of suppliers, as portable chargers are common goods. With improving technology, you can find cost-effective products that allow for great margins.

Profit ❓💰

Consider adding several types of portable chargers to your eCommerce store. You can find products that come in different sizes, powers, and price points. Some portable chargers may provide anywhere from 1 to 8 charges of a smartphone per full charge on the product. The more impressive the specs, the more profit waiting for you!

#4 Drones

droneAlthough travel has been put on pause, buying items for travel, photography, and the like has not slowed down. In fact, many people have begun stocking up on items for travel and photography.

As people have spent more time at home, they’ve been daydreaming about their next vacation. They’re dying to get out of the house and explore the world.

Now, you have people looking at future trips and how they can capture those trips that they see so well documented on TV and social media. The result of all this is a desire to buy a drone and get into drone photography.

Drones have been popular items for quite a few years now. However, that popularity has not waned, and if anything, it’s gotten stronger. As technology has improved, drones have more impressive specs, and they’re cheaper now than ever before.

Profit ❓💰

If your eCommerce store is into tech, or you want to start an eCommerce store to sell tech products, drones should be high on the list! As drones are popular photography tools, they can make you a pretty penny.

#5 Doormats

homeHome goods are always going to be popular items for eCommerce stores. People love decorating their homes, and as they’re going to be spending more time at home, they’ll be spending more money on such home goods.

Doormats are clearly useful products as they keep dirt and grime out of your house or your apartment.

However, they’re also decorative and funny, and they add personality to your home.

Profit ❓💰

As an eCommerce store owner, you can sell a variety of types of doormats such as hardy mats, funny mats with quotes or images, and other stylish doormats.

#6 Phone Lenses

lensThe demand for technology products will never cease to exist. Technology is the present and the future. Within the tech market, photography gear holds its own little corner of the market.

Since the start of platforms like Instagram, people have begun to obsess over photography and everyone wants to learn how to take great photos.

Thanks to improving smartphone technology, anybody on the street can take stellar pictures. While phones may not match up against any top-of-the-line DSLR, with the addition of phone lenses, the photography game has been improved dramatically.

Profit ❓💰

Now is a great time to start selling phone lenses. They’re significantly more affordable than a DSLR camera, they’re easy to use, and they’re fun for everyday people who want to take solid photos. You can sell a variety of macro, fisheye, and zoom lenses that, when adequately marketed, can become top sellers with huge profit margins!

#7 Dog Bowls

dogAnyone who has owned a pet knows how much money it takes to take care of one. At the same time, pet owners are also aware of how much money they like to spend on their furry loved ones.

Between food, beds, collars, leashes, toys, and more, there is an undeniably massive market for the pet industry.

One of the perfect ways to dip into the pet care market is through dog bowls.

These items are extremely cheap to manufacture, and therefore, they’re cheap to supply as well.

However, cheap is often not a word that pet owners associate with pet products. Dog bowls can cost a pretty penny on the consumer market.

Profit ❓💰

If you want to find products that are going to be here for the long-term, dog bowls should be your go-to product. You can find cheap plastic bowls, flexible bowls to take on the road, stylish ceramic bowls, and several other types sure to sell quickly.

The Bottom Line ✏️

Starting an eCommerce store is exciting, challenging, and full of planning. You have to know how to market your store and products. You have to spend the time establishing your brand and building an audience. Of course, you need to sell products.

However, you’re not in eCommerce to cover your costs, you’re in it to earn a profit, and as such, you need to be selective in the products you choose to sell. If you have trouble selling your first product, take a look at our detailed guide on how to make your first online sale.

The above 7 products are perfect places to start!

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