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How Much is a Domain Name (2024)?

domain name registrationSo, you’ve decided to venture into online business, yes? Before you get everything in place it’s important to set first things first.

Come up with a great domain name!

I’m just going to come out and say it…

Finding and buying the perfect domain name of the struggle of running a business in this digital age. Before registering a domain, you have to come up with a great name if you are serious about having an online presence. Coming up with a great domain is hard work which is why a lot of people rely on domain name generators.

Quite frankly, however, getting your domain name nailed is not exactly the easiest of things to do. In many cases, you’re probably going to pick a domain name that’s already taken.

So, what gives?

You’ll have to buy then register a domain name. But then here’s another question: how much is a domain name?

Well, that depends on a bunch of factors. But let’s take a step back and get to know a little bit more about what a domain name is before we get into domain registration.

How Much is a Domain Name at the Top 6 Domain Registrars?

what is a domainI’ll spare you the technical mumbo-jumbo and say it as it is. The short version of a domain name is the address that you type into a website browser address bar.

Initially, people used numbers. But you all know how bad most of us are at memorizing numbers.

So, to make our work easier, computer scientists decided it’d be better to translate into something friendlier –

With that out of the way, it’s time to get to the juicy part:

1. Namecheap – $3.99 – 6.99 + Free Lifetime Privacy Protection

You all know how complicated some of these domain registrars can be. And no one really wants to have to deal with that! Luckily, Namecheap has made a name for itself for its simple services and pocket-friendly prices.

The host’s rates range from $0.88 per year for domains such as .us, .men, .faith, and .cricket to $8.88 per year or domains such as .com. However, there are more costly domains that cost up to $2,488 per year for domains such as .security. In addition, the company also offers additional features like free domain parking, free email forwarding, and free web redirection.

2. SiteGround – $9.99 Free with Hosting Plan

SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting providers, and we rank it as the #1 Canadian web host (so perhaps we’re a bit biased). However… they make it a simple and user-friendly platform for domain name search, management, and transfer of domain names, as well as domain-name registration.

Given that most people curious about domain prices want to build a website on top of their new domain, it makes sense to include SiteGround in this list.

3. Bluehost – $9.99 Free with Hosting Plan

If you are using WordPress as your website platform (who isn’t?), Bluehost is far and way the cheapest domain name registrar. Though BH customer support isn’t quite up to par with SiteGround (whose is?), they offer cheap hosting starting from $2.95 per month or as low as $12.99 per year.

On top of that, Bluehost also offers Domain Privacy Protection and a custom email with G suite. Like SiteGround, the most affordable hosting packages all come with a free domain bringing the cost down to effectively nil.

4. 1&1 IONOS (formerly

1&1 IONOS is yet another reliable domain registrar which, apart from having a great reputation, also offers the cheapest plans in town. Their rates range from $0.99 to $2.99 on your first year to $14.99 per year for every other year after that, which is pretty cheap considering you’re also getting private domain registration, a free SSL certification, a free email account, DNS management, and unlimited email forwarding for the price.

5. – $12.99-$15 is a dependable domain name registrar committed to providing top-level domains. They offer multiple plans for web hosting and domain hosting as well as additional features like WHOIS Privacy Protection for as low as $10.99 per year.

6. GoDaddy – $12.99+ and $12.99 For Privacy Protection

GoDaddy is currently the most popular domain registrar. For as low as $9.99 per year, you can have your very own .com domain registered. On top of that, GoDaddy offers additional features like a web interface, a free starter web page, free web redirection, and a free parked page.

Wrapping It Up

No one ever said that doing business online would be easy. If they did, they totally lied.

The reality is that creating a new website takes a lot of work to get things done. And you’ll run into a lot of hurdles, too.

Top of the list being nailing down a domain name. Ideally, it should be easy but you’ll run into a domain name that’s already taken half the time.

However, if you do decide to purchase one, you have enough information to choose a domain name registrar that suits your needs.

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